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Your relaxation equipment

Immerse yourself now...

Each villa has its own swimming pool and private spa. You will be able to enjoy your two pools without any constraint, at any time of the day or night, far from the heavy promiscuity of the collective structures.

For total privacy. As a couple, with family or friends.

Your swimming pool

An elegant heated pool (4 x 2 x 1.50m), perfectly safe, which fits gracefully into your ipe terrace. The water is purified by electrolysis, a salt-based process that is completely ecological and more economical. Moreover, it is less aggressive than the classic chlorine treatment, so it is ideal for children or people with fragile skin.

Your spa

The circular spa, of the Nordic bath type, disappears for half under the surface of the terrace. This feature, which makes it easier to access (no need for cumbersome steps), is combined with its natural cedar cladding for a refined integration into the terrace. Its advantageous dimensions (2m in diameter and 80cm high) allow five people to sit in it to take full advantage of its massage jets or its whirlpool effect.

The maintenance of the pools and filters is carried out before the arrival of any new tenant. We also provide our guests with all the necessary cleaning equipment (pole, net, electric hoover, etc.), which can be used at your convenience.

The swimming pool is open from 15 March to 5 November. Its heat pump, which maintains the water at 27 degrees, is active from 15 March to 10 June, then from 20 September to 5 November (indicative dates, which may vary by a few days more or less depending on the weather and the year). The pump is deactivated between 11 June and 19 September, as the above-mentioned temperature is reached or exceeded most of the time naturally during this period. No deviation from this schedule will be accepted, either for access to the pool or for the operation of the heat pump.

The spa remains accessible all year round. Its temperature is maintained at 35 degrees and cannot be modified by the tenants.

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